Well ladies and gentlemen the votes are in and counted. The winner earned first place by an avalanche. The undisputed fasted and easiest method to start a business on the internet is through an affiliate program. Hell, you don’t even need to have your own web site. Simply, go to one of the affiliate networks and sign up. You could start your own business by just marketing someone else’s products over the world wide web within the next 15 minutes or faster. There’s no cost involved. You don’t have to worry about fulfillment of your product. Just sign up and start driving traffic to whichever offer/product that you choose.

Ok, maybe I’ve over simplified it a little bit. It’s true that signing up for an affiliate program is faster and easier then brushing your teeth in the morning but why isn’t everyone doing it? More importantly, why isn’t everyone that’s promoting someone else’s product getting rich quick?

My fellow marketers, here are the three down falls to affiliate marketing programs.

1. You put the cart before the horse. Joining an affiliate program first means that you find a product and then find a market to promote to. This is completely backwards. So, how do you promote products right? Have you ever heard that, ‘The Money Is In The List’? If you’re in business you’ve likely heard that a half a dozen times over that last year. It’s true and the internet is no different. If you are going to create a long term income from the internet than you MUST BUILD A LIST. The concept is simple. Find a customer and ask them what they’re interested in then give them exactly what they want. Make sense? You bet it does. If you intend to create an avalanche of income through the internet then you need to form a relationship with your prospects first and then give them what they need. So, the question is how? I hear that a lot. Tell you what, if you go to my web site listed below and join my list then I’ll guide through building 6 streams of income through your list. It’s really easy and takes just minutes to get you all setup.

2. Testing is the key to your palace. Even seasoned marketers miss this one. The most successful marketers are not content with mediocre results. Split testing your campaigns could very well be the difference between financial success and failure. Everyday, you should test and optimize your campaigns. You can test words, phases, placement of sentences and so on. If you’re using PPC/emails or any other medium to drive traffic you need to split test in order to improve your clicks and conversations. If you are familiar with PPC, I’ve made a deal with a couple pay per click search engines. The result, $ 300 of Free PPC advertising. Just pop by my web site below and I’ll explain everything.

3. Most beginner affiliates will throw a few dollars into these networks fail and give up altogether. The first thing that you need to understand is you need to be a student of the game. This will carry you a long way. If you’re going to promote these products through pay per click for example, you need to understand the world of PPC. That means education on best practices.

My friend, in the history of mankind there has never been an easier way to make money. The internet has unlocked a Smorgas Board of opportunity. In the past it used to cost considerable money for educating yourself through ebooks and educational resources. This is not the case anymore. You can get up and started within minutes. I’ll show you how to create 6 streams of income that are truly residual.

Jay Sabree is owner of Home-Biz-Time-Money-Freedom.com and writes on a variety of subjects. To learn more about this topic Jay recommends you visit: Home-Biz-Time-Money-Freedom.com
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