Affiliate marketing is a growing industry, with great income potential. However, just like any other type of business, if you don’t have the right tools, you are not very likely to be successful. Here are 3 essential tools for anyone considering entering the affiliate marketing industry.

1. Affiliate Networks. Affiliate networks will help make your job a lot easier. They will track all of your referrals and sales that you have with each advertiser, and make sure that you receive your commission check (which is why you got into affiliate marketing in the first place). Without them, you will have to be checking up on your stats with each individual vendor, and you might have to ask for your check more often than you think.

2. CRM Software. As you continue to grow your affiliate marketing business, you are going to need to work with a lot of different advertisers. Probably more than you will be able to keep track of on your own. Affiliate networks will definitely help out with that, but it is also very important to utilize CRM software. CRM software will help you keep track of all of your advertisers, and remember to follow up with them when you need to. Without CRM software, you are likely to become very unorganized and unproductive.

3. Data Aggregation Software. You are going to need to sign up for a lot of different affiliate networks, since all of the products that you want to market are probably not all on the same network. It can become very tedious and time consuming to sign in to each of these affiliate networks every day to see how your campaigns are fairing. A much better option is to invest in data aggregation software, which will allow you to sign in to one convenient dashboard and view all of your network statistics on one screen. This will also allow you to compare the results much easier, and help you to see which networks you should focus on in order to make the most money.

These 3 tools are a must-have for any affiliate marketer that wants to stay competitive. They are sure to increase your profits, make your life much easier, and are well worth the small investment.

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