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There are many advertising networks and affiliate networks that offer website owners the opportunity to earn income from running advertisments on their own website or by becoming affiliated with a product that will earn commissions from any sales that are generated. Nearly every major affiliate network or advertising network pays out commissions and income using a system called “net 30 accounts payable,” which means that your finalized earnings for any given month will be paid out to you approximately 30 days later. If you are serious about earning a living as an internet marketer then it is very important for you to understand the way that you actually get paid from affiliate and advertising networks.

If you put yourself in the shoes of a major affiliate network company then it is easy for you understand exactly why commissions are paid out in this manner. Before any money can actually be sent to you in the form of a paycheck or direct deposit, it is important to make sure that all sales or advertising revenue have been generated legitimately without violating the company’s terms of service. For example, there are certain methods of promoting an affiliate product that are prohibited such as spamming other people’s email addresses once they have been added to a blacklist, or participating in unethical website traffic schemes called paid-to-click websites.

By choosing to pay out commissions on a 30-day accounts payable basis, the advertising or affiliate network is able to create a secure business environment both for the advertisers and for the publishers. Some novice affiliate marketers do not understand why they can not receive their affiliate commissions as soon as they are credited to their account, but the system of paying out finalized earnings 30 days after the fact is essential for preventing any advertisers from being scammed out of their money by website owners that are unethical.

Every major advertising or affiliate network has a long list of terms that publishers must agree to abide by, which will usually include having a privacy policy on their website as well as avoiding certain methods of promoting the website. Without these restrictions in place, an affiliate or publisher could damage the reputation of the advertiser by engaging in marketing methods that are frowned upon. By understanding the way that advertising and affiliate networks pay out commissions to bloggers and website owners, you will be in a position to earn a stable long-term income from the advertisements and affiliate links on your own website.

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