The strategy that you will learn about in this article is a slightly black-hat internet marketing strategy that can supplement your monthly Adsense income by as much as $ 1,000 or more. Proceed at your own risk with this advanced marketing tactic.

If you are currently an Adsense publisher and you get a decent amount of clicks on your ads, you can use a tracking script on your website such as AsRep to get advanced metrics on your website such as which ads people click on and where those links point to.

After you compile a list of the top three ads that show up on your site the most often and that people click on the most, you can check out each of those web sites and see if any of them offer an affiliate program. If they do, you will first want to make sure that you are getting at least 250 clicks per month on this ad to make sure that it is worth your time.

The way that web browsers track affiliate commissions is that when you click on an affiliate link or hoplink, there is a small piece of data stored temporarily in your browser called a ‘cookie’ that contains the referring affiliate ID. So in order to earn more money in this way what you will want to do is sign up as an affiliate for the program that people are clicking on from your site, and then you can sneakily preload your affiliate ID into your visitors browser before they go to the merchant.

The way to do this is to add a small 1 pixel by 1 pixel image to your page, and in the image tag you will want to list your affiliate link as the source. This will make their web browser query this link and it will store your affiliate ID in their browser so that when they make a purchase from the merchant you will get a cut of the price. Yes, very sneaky. You will seamlessly add an extra $ 5 to $ 150 dollars to your bank account per purchase, and your visitor will have no clue that they just made you money.

Another way that you can earn more affiliate commissions on the side is to preload your affiliate ID in the way discussed above for not just individual merchant sites with affiliate programs that your visitors may go to, but for large affiliate networks as well so that you can get paid on other merchant sites that are included in that network.

Remember that this is a not exactly bad but it is certainly black-hat, if anybody asks you where you learned this strategy you did not get it from me. You do not want to go and tell the merchant what you are doing but it will certainly keep your bank account smiling.

Andrew Shiveley is a professional internet marketer who makes a living as a webmaster and with search engine marketing using affiliate networks. He works with large corporations and Fortune 500 companies to manage their professional internet advertising campaigns.

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