A CPA network is an affiliate network in which commission is paid based on the activities executed, which could be as simple as getting a lead such as an e-mail address, credit card number, telephone number and not just sales or revenue sharing as in the case of other affiliate programs. Getting admitted In to the better CPA associate networks is often rather hard and requires some planning unlike most of the other affiliate programs which allow virtually automatic acceptance. Let us see what requires to be done to get included into the very best CPA affiliate networks.

1.You need to join more than one CPA Network, so you should study all them carefully and select at least three of them, to submit your application to. This is because you will probably want to choose from a good selection of offers and not all the CPA networks offer the same ones.

2.Check out their website and fill-up their application form online. Do your preparation before you answer the questions asked while filling out the application.

3.Once you have presented the application form, stay patient and hold on for a week or about ten days but not too long. In case you don’t hear anything from them, give them a telephone call and almost all of them would accept you straightaway, as it would say that you are really interested and serious about their business. So, do not sit back and unwind hoping that you will get a call some day, as it might delay or put an end to your opportunities of being admitted. Lay out a strong marketing plan for your affiliate merchandising explaining the components to them you also have to be positive to show them you know what you are talking about, sell them your plan, that’s what they are looking for.

4.Get the advice from other CPA marketers who had been successful. The internet is a rich source of learning and you can visit few good websites to really know the tactics to be adopted to be accepted into these CPA networks and to survive thereafter.

5.Once you had submitted your application to CPA networks, you will get a call from them. Do your homework before you are ready to answer their call. The conversation between you and the caller from CPA networks at this stage plays a primary role in being accepted.

Be prepared to expect questions like: How much traffic do you drive to your site per month? What methodology do you adopt to get traffic and whether you have websites or blogs to get traffic? What other aspects of affiliate marketing have you dealt with? How long have you been in this business? What kind of offers or categories would you prefer to promote? Have you been accepted by any other networks earlier?

Communication is the key to attain success in the field of CPA affiliate marketing and get comfortable in discoursing with individuals. Tell them that you will be using Pay-per-click search engines like Google, MSN, yahoo etc. You can also tell them that you will use Face book Advertisement to promote the products. Make them conscious that you have learned the techniques of marketing the CPA offers from variable sources on the net.

Once you had convinced the CPA affiliate networks that you are competent of getting results their company wants, and make money by pushing their products successfully, there is no reason not to be included by them.

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