Obviously you wouldn’t be doing affiliate marketing if you didn’t want to succeed at it. Competing with other affiliates and reaching affiliate marketing stardom takes a lot of work, and few people reach the status of super affiliate simply because they don’t know or understand what it takes. Here are some tips to get you headed in that direction.

1. Build an opt-in list and build a relationship with that list. You should send one email daily or at least weekly to your list. Give your list members tips or information that is valuable to them, and promote an affiliate product or service that is related to the topic of the email.

2. Write and submit articles on a regular basis. Not only will this increase sales and signups for your opt-in list, but it will also help to build your online reputation and credibility.

3. Be completely honest in all of your business dealings. If a customer complains to you, follow up with the merchant, even though it is not your legal responsibility to do so. You won’t get ahead by cheating people.

4. Never recommend or promote products that you have not tried yourself and don’t fully believe in. When you make a recommendation, it is your reputation on the line. If you are picky about what you promote, your recommendations will become more powerful.

5. You have to prove yourself. Don’t expect to start out as a super affiliate. When you can produce a high volume of sales consistently, then you are in a position to be called a super affiliate and seek higher commissions and joint venture deals.

6. Take advantage of all that the merchant has to offer in terms of promotional materials and training – but create your own stuff using theirs as a base. Set yourself apart from other affiliates – don’t ever send your list the same e-mail all the other affiliates will be sending them.

7. Offer what other affiliates don’t offer. For example, you can get numerous private label rights (PLR) products and offer them as free bonuses for people who purchase through your link. Just tell them to send you their receipt after they purchase in order to receive their bonuses.

Follow the affiliate marketing guidelines above at all times online, and work hard to develop an affiliate marketing style that’s right for you – your own affiliate marketing ‘signature’ if you will.

As you get better known in the affiliate marketing world, it doesn’t take long beofre affiliate managers and joint venture partners start seeking YOU out, making your affiliate marketing efforts simpler and more effective. At that point, always ask for a review copy of the affiliate product to be sure it’s worth promoting, and don’t be afraid to ask for a higher percentage of affiliate commissions if you feel the public rate is too low.

As your reputation grows in the market, and your name begins appearing on the affiliate marketing leaderboards, you’ll find most affiliate managers and affiliate program operators will work directly with you to assure your affiliate marketing success with their products.

At that point you know you’re well on your way to true super-affiliate status, and the remarkable income & lifestyle that can provide for you!

Doug Champigny is a well-known Internet marketing coach, mentor, speaker and super-affiliate. For more great Affiliate marketing advice, visit Doug Champigny’s Affiliate Marketing Blog.
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