“Affiliate Marketing “is a term that is gaining a lot of prominence today and it rightly deserves its reputation of being one of the most profitable and lucrative online business. For those who wonder on what affiliate marketing is and how it is generally conducted, the following information can be of extreme help. Affiliate marketing means the revenue sharing between online advertisers and merchants on a performance basis that comes in the form of a hybrid model, sales, clicks or registrations. Affiliate marketing is also popularly known as associate marketing and is a lucrative home based venture that one can easily enter into with ease.

In simple terms the definition of affiliate marketing is a net based venture where a company rewards one or more affiliate for bringing in customers. This application is technically called “crowd sourcing” and this is the result of the affiliate’s marketing efforts. There are four core players in the affiliate marketing venture. The Brand or the Retailer is called the Merchant, the Network, the affiliate also called the Publisher, and the Customer. Affiliate marketing is similar to the other internet marketing options to some extent. They use the same marketing tools and they also include search engine marketing, display advertising, email advertising and sometimes paid search engine marketing. Affiliate marketing also uses a single website that drives traffic to another website. This online marketing can also be done with websites or blogging. One can also post the link of the affiliate on a personal blog and earn commissions when there are registrations.

This form of marketing is practically a performance oriented venture. The more one performs the more one can earn. This venture requires a lot of efforts and hence, the person must ensure that he puts in the right amount of efforts to earn a decent income. The affiliates are not under the direct payroll of the company but there can earn as much as those who are employed in the sales department of the company. The best part of the affiliate marketing program is that the merchant does not have to incur any marketing expenses till sales results are obtained. There are many businesses that attribute their success to this form of online marketing. In fact, those people who are anticipating entering into independent home enterprises, affiliate marketing is inevitably a good choice. This marketing can be stated by beginners with ease. There are many online guides that can help a person venture into affiliate marketing and earn consistent revenue. This venture is very successful if exercised in the right manner. In fact it has gained so much popularity over the couple of years that more and more people are joining the bandwagon.

Thus, the definition of “affiliate marketing “covers all the above salient features. This form of online marketing does not require a person to be very technically savvy. It is advised to join an affiliate on which one has subject expertise as that can help one add personal touches and kick off the business with success.

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