What is the meaning of affiliates marketing? It is pay for performance on the level that an intended sale has been made or a CPA form which was filled out for commissions to earned. There are various types of affiliate programs on the web and big companies use affiliate marketing programs to drive more qualified traffic to their sites via affiliate marketing. These large commerce online businesses are Amazon Associate program, Google Adsense, EBay listings, Commission Junction and Clickbank. Each of those large businesses offer affiliate programs and require different marketing strategies to promote their affiliate offers. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that it is free for anyone who desires to join and earn affiliate money.

Pay-for-Goals Achieved:

Affiliates usually earn their commissions once someone buys through their affiliate links or like CPA (Cost Per Action) which is also is another form of affiliate marketing except without the need to sell but rather to encourage prospect to fill out a form and get paid for each action completed, very easy to earn money this way too.

The Affiliates Marketing a Big Business:

Every year online ordinary folks are making a full time living on the internet through affiliate marketing. As a whole the affiliate business is booming and billions of dollars are being made through this lucrative market. It was reported that in the UK alone affiliates made a staggering 2 billion dollars in 2006. There are some affiliate marketers making millions of dollars and in contrast you will also find other affiliates making far less a year. In the affiliate marketing world you will find ordinary people with extraordinary mindsets.

A Long Established Business Model:

Ever since the internet was born, the opportunity of affiliate marketing was revolutionised into a unique money making opportunity for all. Since 1996 one of the first big players of affiliate programs was Amazon.com. The world of commerce became digitalised offering better comfort for shopping online whilst simultaneously offering people another way to earn money right off the bat by promoting the ecommerce site (Amazon Associate Program).

Internet-Based Businesses:

On the internet which is so vast anyone can promote anything they like and earn affiliate commissions by monetizing their web page. The cleverness of the internet enables you to measure the traffic influx of your site accurately and increase conversions accordingly to data reports. In the brick and mortar world of adverting and promotions, data reports are not usually accurately measured. Only by estimation which means there is some guess work involve on how to increase profits. The internet enables online businesses to succeed much faster due to the fact that there is software and promotional tools at your finger tips quite literally.

Open to Anyone Join Affiliate Programs:

One of the many great advantages of being an affiliate, anyone can join and I mean, anyone. There is no need to know how to programme computers or have a degree in business and communications. First of all it’s free and easy to join plus simple to market because you are not selling anything. However, there is a learning curve. Strategic affiliate marketing is the back bone to winning over your competitors online with the same niche as you, so having the knowledge will give you the edge you need to succeed.

Learn Affiliate Marketing:

It is great to want financial change by becoming an affiliate marketer. You would still need to overcome one hurdle and that is your education on how to market your affiliate offers and make money. Learning affiliate marketing is very essential to your future success. You would need a system and strategy to formulate and then simply apply it daily, but of course, knowledge is required. You can watch video courses, go on you tube and type in “how to affiliate marketing” or go on forums and ask questions to experience marketers. There is no guarantee you will learn all the steps that way but there are courses in clickbank market place where can learn from highly reputable internet marketers.

The Topics to expect to cover in learning affiliate marketing are:

1. How to convert affiliate offers into cash and swamp them with super-targeted buyers.

2. How to use Google to make money within hours of starting out.

3. How to build a profitable affiliate business.

4. How to use simple techniques to build a huge list of targeted buyers in any niche you want.

5. How to pick out the “ripe fruit” from any kind of niche.

6. How to make sure that the product you picked is actually going to make you money.

7. How to enter any niche as an affiliate and become the dominant player.

8. How to use easy ways to create landing pages that get huge amounts of traffic.

9. How to use unique methods to dominate the search engines.

10. How to turn one idea into an almost endless list of product and promotion ideas


Affiliates’ marketing is a fast growing online business and anyone who wants to take a piece of the pie can profit from this industry providing you have the right information to start earning money. This billion dollar market allows ordinary people to live extraordinary lives through the internet. There is a lot of free information on the internet how to market as an affiliate but it’s not enough to merely make some money but rather to have both continuity and passive income from affiliate promotions. I will leave you with one thought if you are new to this affiliate marketing arena, Henry Ford once said ” whether you think you can or can’t either way you are right”. What is your mindset?

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