If you’re new to affiliate marketing, there are several things that you need to learn about marketing your products through affiliate marketing – because if you get these wrong, you’re never going to make more than a few little sales in affiliate marketing.

#1 Mistake In Affiliate Marketing: Choosing the Wrong Product

This is really big, and probably the biggest mistake that new affiliate marketers make. How do you, as a new affiliate marketer, choose the best affiliate products?

There are a number of ways. You could choose products based around your current business.

For example, if you run a business such as a beauty parlor, you could find a number of affiliate products…what about a book on hairstyles for weddings, or proms or braids?

Or you could choose products for affiliate marketing based on their popularity (check out clickbank to see what are the popular products listed on their site). Or you could sell a beauty book, or a book on skin care or a book on proper diet and nutrition through affiliate marketing.

There are also a lot of physical products that you could sell. The point is to look for affiliate products that would complement what you’re already selling.

You may also choose affiliate products based on how much commission you’ll get – but think cautiously before choosing this as your top method of deciding what products you want to sell through affiliate marketing.

Finding quality products should always be your top concern – because if the products you’re selling are trash, you end up cleaning your affiliate marketing site for a number of days, if not weeks or months.

The end result is that while you might make huge sales, you’re also going to get huge refund requests – which means you’ll end up in the pit of trouble in your affiliate marketing business.

#2 Mistake In Affiliate Marketing:: Marketing the Product the Wrong Way

You’ve all seen the ads that say “Make a Million Dollars Or More with No Product and No Website” – those ads are usually about affiliate marketing.

But imagine about it for a minute. If you could REALLY do that – wouldn’t everybody be also doing it through affiliate marketing? The old saying that “if something sounds too good to be true then it probably is” still holds true when it comes to affiliate marketing.

The best way to promote any affiliate product is to promote it where the customers are. Which means that you need to identify first who your prospective customers are, before going into affiliate marketing business.

You need to look for as much information about your prospective customers as possible – what they want, what they need, what their greatest fears are, what solution they’re looking for.

Then you need to find out where they shop – if your affiliate marketing product is for consumers, then you’ll want to find out where your prospect buys, what magazines they read or what Internet websites they visit. Where do they hang out?

If you’re selling to business owners, then you’ll have to know where they do business at. And again, remember this, always market your affiliate products there.

#3 Mistake In Affiliate Marketing:: Not Writing the Right Kind of Sales Copy

Although it’s not completely necessary to hire a professional copywriter (especially if you’re just starting out your affiliate marketing business and money is scarce), it is necessary that you learn the fundamentals about copywriting and learn how to write sales copy that will appeal to your market.

One of the things you need to do first is to “Continue the discussion that your prospect is already having inside their mind. That means that you need to be familiar with what kind of questions your prospect has about your affiliate product – and make sure that you’re answering them correctly.

Think, in advance, about what kinds of objections your prospect might have, and always find a way of answering them correctly, too.

Add social testimony. This means you want to show to your prospective customers that other people have bought the product and love it. When you’re marketing affiliate products, the really good marketers will provide you with testimonies of customers that you can use in your affiliate marketing business, along with sales copy, email copy, etc. This is great because it’s always been written by a professional copywriter who understands the market.

However, even if you’re given a sales page or email blasts to send out to your list, you don’t want to use it word for word. Make a few changes in it – give it your own original touch and flavor.

Make it fresh and original so that your prospect doesn’t see the exact same copy of the ad somewhere else – you’ll lose credibility if that happens.

If you’re offering a bonus for prospects to buy your affiliate product, make sure that the bonus goes along with the product you are selling. Don’t give away recipes if you’re selling a book about skin care.

Make sure your bonus relates to your affiliate product and is very useful to your prospect. (For example, you could write your own e-book that tells how to get the most out of the affiliate product.

That’s something that no one else will be able to question, because it’s yours.

Whatever you do in life, when you go into affiliate marketing, it’s easy to avoid making the three biggest mistakes in affiliate marketing just by doing first a little thinking and strategic planning before you get started in affiliate marketing.

And the truth is, you can make a very good fortune just from selling affiliate products, as long as you do it the right way. Good luck!


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