There are a lot of discussions online about a certain form of marketing called affiliate marketing and most of the discussion concentrates on how people easily learn how it works and how it can make them extra money in a matter of months.

Individuals can be successful at affiliate marketing when working at home so it is different from ordinary marketing jobs although it is not necessarily a form of work at home job. Affiliate marketing is also often referenced as a method to make residual income.

Once you know how affiliate marketing actually works you will be able to decide whether or not you should start learning and building an affiliate marketing business.

What Affiliate Programs have in common

Affiliate programs are always created by companies that are advertising certain products or services. Whilst many of these companies are new to the market, and the market is usually competitive, there are also a number of very large established affiliate programs, such as Amazon or eBay.

With the Internet continuing to grow as a place for companies to compete in offering products to millions of online consumers, it is quite difficult for these companies to make the huge impact that they need online even if their products or services are much better than the competition. These affiliate programs are designed to increase the awareness of their product and service and extend their marketing reach across the Internet.

The company is only one component of the affiliate program, as the people who sign up as affiliates must do their part marketing the product or service to potential customers in order for the affiliate program’s goals to be reached. Affiliate programs are free to join and they often come with training programs that teach new registrants the basic concepts of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing and You

Once you are registered with the affiliate program, you have full control on what you wish to do next but you can only earn money through affiliate marketing if you take certain actions.

You must help promote the products and services that are part of the affiliate program. You will serve as the bridge between the consumers and the company itself. In exchange for your assistance in bringing these products and services to them, you get a certain percentage of the sale as long as there is proof that you are the one that brought the product or service to that individual.

For tracking purposes, the company will give you a special link called an affiliate link. This is the link that you must get your visitors to click on. This link will usually take the visitor to the product page of the company where they can make a direct purchase. You will be credited for taking that visitor in if the visitor decides to make a purchase from that special link.

The idea is to place this link on your website, and many affiliates use what is referred to as a capture page to do this. You will be the one to make the capture page although many good affiliate programs will also assist you with this.

You then try to bring as many visitors as possible in the company’s target market to this capture page so you can get ongoing traffic to your site leading ultimately to your affiliate’s site.

The techniques that you use to attract visitors are known as affiliate marketing. Many good affiliate programs will give you useful tips and resources so you can help promote their products and services and get paid once you bring in some sales.

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