An affiliate marketing company can be a great source of income for anyone. You can start your own affiliate marketing company and make an absolute killing in this industry. If you do not know what affiliate marketing is, let me briefly explain it to you. Affiliate marketing is selling a product and/or service for another company. When a person buys that product and/or service through your “affiliate link” you get a portion of each sale usually between 30-75% depending on the product and/or service. The best affiliate sites out there are clickbank and paydotcom which are the leaders in affiliate products and affiliate programs.

Internet marketing affiliate programs, affiliate ebook marketing, business online internet promotion affiliate marketing, and affiliate marketing software are just some of the examples of affiliate programs that are worth selling. Now in order to be a great affiliate marketer you need to know how to sell the product you are trying to promote to customers. It will make it a whole lot easier if you’re an expert on the subject.

Now what is the best way to affiliate market products? The best way in my opinion is to do the following:

1. Buy a domain name. You can get one cheap for around 3 bucks at cheapnames

2. Sign up for an affiliate program relevant to the domain name at clickbank or paydotcom

3. Set up the domain URL to be forwarded directly to your affiliate URL without a middle landing page.

4. Over the next few weeks, write articles relevant to the affiliate product you’re promoting along with a resource box with a link to your domain which will forward directly to your
affiliate URL.

BOOM- you got yourself a great 4 step affiliate marketing process that is so simple a 7 year old could do it. There is nothing like making 6 figures a year using a simple 4 step affiliate marketing process. Once you truly understand how affiliate marketing works, you can make some serious cash year after year. It will lead you to quit your day job, buy a new car, a new house, and take care of your family using a little 4 step basic process.

The key is picking an affiliate product that really interests you. This will enable you to write amazing articles and answer any questions the buyers may have. It is a very simple, yet great way to make some killer cash. You can throw your 4 year college degree out the door if you learn how to affiliate market. There are so many companies out there willing to pay hundreds of dollars per sale you bring in. I mean one affiliate marketing sale a day could be enough for you to live off of. I know that I was once a poor college kid trying to make a quick buck to buy a cheeseburger from McDonalds at one point, but I have quickly turned into a multi-millionaire. It is possible, trust me! If you work hard you can accomplish anything.

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