Affiliate marketing can be an extremely profitable business provided you know how to stay ahead in the competition. The key to success is to learn from the mistakes other marketers have made before you and never repeat them again. Here are the top 8 mistakes most affiliate marketers make:

1. Not selecting the right merchant

It is important that you select the right kind of products for your affiliate marketing program but what is more important is to select the right merchant as well. If you have a merchant who is non-responsive or treats affiliates more as annoyances instead of business partners then you should not do business with such a merchant. Try looking for merchants who have an affiliate marketer protection policy, have good commission rates and have a good customer support system. This way, you can easily contact your merchant when you have doubts or clarifications. You can easily find out if a merchant is reliable – just ask him some questions, ask to provide some more information about the affiliate program, promotional tools. If merchant looks helpful then you can do business.

2. Laziness of trying out new promotional campaigns and products

Most affiliate marketers get so caught up in one particular segment that they fail to experiment with other niches. It is always in your best interests as an affiliate marketer to try selling and propagating products that belong to diverse verticals. This helps you expand your horizons and also get more exposure in the domains you are working in. Plus, you will be more likely to be perceived as an affiliate marketer of choice for future merchant programs.

3. Not having your own home page

Most affiliate marketers have gone on by directing their customers to the merchant site directly. However, today that does not work so good anymore as customers have become smarter. Instead, you need to direct your customers to your own home page of the affiliate site – landing page – and pre-sell the product yourself. You do not need to have a very complex looking site but definitely one that is clean and concise in its messaging. This gives you much more flexibility in tweaking your landing page’s text, so you can easily increase sales.

4. Not following up with customers

Customers have so many options to choose from so why would they purchase from your affiliate site? This is why you need a good follow-up system in place. Make sure to send a reminder email or just pick up the phone and speak to your customers. This helps garner trust and credibility and customers will be likely to purchase from your site once they know you are taking the extra effort to persuade them. Make sure you have an e-mail list of your customers. This way you can keep in contact with all of them and when you release your new product – you can easily blast an e-mail to your list and make sales instantly.

5. Not having other income earning avenues

As an affiliate marketer you always need to have options around as far as income earning is concerned. Therefore, try and look for sources like article marketing, ebooks, viral marketing techniques, forum marketing, blogging, having your own website etc. These sources of referrals will go a long way in keeping you protected during especially lean periods as they will continue to garner customer interest and money for you. Cultivate each of your selected traffic sources. However, make sure to stay with your strategy for some time and don’t just jump from one to another.

6. Signing up for too many affiliate programs

Many affiliate marketers get extremely tempted to sign up for as many affiliate programs as possible. However, this will most likely do more harm than good. When you select too many products to promote you lose focus and direction. Then, it can be difficult to direct your attention to a winning marketing strategy which in turn will hamper profits. Select only a few good looking affiliate programs and work on them and stay focused. This will bring you much more profits.

7. Not having patience

Affiliate marketing is like any other business and requires patience to succeed. You need to wait it out before you start breaking even. Don’t believe these ‘overnight rich’ promises, they are complete nonsense. Affiliate marketing requires efforts and patience to succeed… It takes learning, testing and trying until you succeed. But when you achieve the success, believe me – it’s really worth all those efforts.

8. Not selecting the right affiliate network

There are many affiliate networks, however only a small number provides affiliate marketers with all tools required to succeed. You need to have a good affiliate link protection, commission payment system working like a clock-work, you need to be protected so your affiliate commissions could not be stolen. You can definitely try out Click2Sell.EU ( It is an affiliate marketing network that was designed with an affiliate in mind. It protects your affiliate commissions, allows you to track all your advertising campaigns and keywords, websites that bring sales. It was designed to help affiliate marketers succeed, so if you are not doing affiliate marketing yet, you can easily start it today.

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