One of the very best ways of doing business on the Internet is making affiliate marketing sales. If you do it right, it couldn’t be easier than making a sale and collecting the commission check.

What’s even better is you don’t have to mess around with customer service issues. No complaints, refunds, product related questions etc. You just focus on marketing, advertising and the merchant takes care of the rest.

You have to know for every upside there’s a downside. The big disadvantage is the fact that you have no control of what the sales page is like and how they go about converting the traffic you send them. You can send all the traffic in the world and if they don’t do there job efficiently, then you’re wasting your time and money.

So what can you do to increase affiliate marketing sales and net profits? I’m going to show you 3 methods to help better yourself at Internet affiliate marketing.

1-Pick out and promote only the top tiered Internet affiliate marketing programs.

You’re not going to have a problem finding an affiliate program, but rather picking the correct one will be the challenge. Here’s some important information to think about:

A: Are they going to fairly compensate you for your affiliate marketing sales? Just pass by any program that’s not willing to payout at least 50% of the sale. Just think you are really doing all the work to drive qualified traffic to their site. They don’t have to do much to get the sale once everything is in place. All that hard work on your part deserves a fair commission.

You should be treated fairly and paid accordingly. When dealing with most reputable affiliate programs, the pay out is at least 50/50 and higher.

B: Are they going to actually pay you and on a regular basis? When dealing with a great program, they will pay you like they should and it will be at least once a month and better yet bi monthly.

Also be aware of minimum requirements to getting paid. Some companies require you to accumulate a minimum commission base before they cut a check.

If you really think you won’t be able to meet the requirements, then don’t promote that program. There’s plenty of opportunities out there that will fit your needs.

C: How’s their customer service?

You are representing a company when you market their products. Your reputation is on the line and what they do is a reflection on you. Make sure they represent you well.

An important step you need to take even before you decide to promote a product is check out the company thoroughly. Buy a product and see how the transaction goes. Evaluate it and see if you really like what you will be promoting to others. Then return it and see how they treat you as as an unsatisfied customer. Know what people will go through with this company. Make sure you feel good about them before doing business with them.

2- Build your own subscriber list

If you build your own list, you will really be able to consistently make more affiliate marketing sales.

So why is that you ask?

Well…an opt in email list can bring in consistent affiliate marketing sales with some good conversion rates

Put forth the effort to build a quality list of subscribers who trust and respect you. By doing this, you will make a lot of affiliate marketing sales to your list over and over again.

Of course there’s too much to discuss on this subject, so just learn and do, so you can successfully bring in affiliate marketing sales for your business. Here’s a brief summary of building a list.

A: Write or have written quality information in the form of a report or mini-course. If it is on a hot topic or solves a lot of peoples problems, people will want to know about it

B: Make a subscriber sign up page, so they can receive your information in exchange for their name and email address.

C: Your intent is to get your subscribers to trust and respect your opinions and views. They will acquire this if you provide them relevant and useful information on a consistent basis.

D: While you are helping them with your information, you can start sending them relevant offers of affiliate products that would further help them. Since they trust you and your recommendations, they will be more likely to respond to your offer, if of course, the products are relevant to the subject of your list and help to solve your subscribers’ problems

3- Let them know you want more of the net profits from the affiliate marketing sales.

If you become really good at making sales for a product, you should ask the merchant for more of the profits of the sale. It’s worth trying, because you have nothing to lose. There’s no skin off the nose of the merchant. He doesn’t really have to do anything to get the sale. They don’t want to lose you as a valuable affiliate, so they may seriously consider it.

To sum things up, only work with the best affiliate marketing programs. Build your list and market to them over and over again. Finally if you are really an asset to the merchant, ask that they reward you by giving you a higher percentage of the commission.

Before getting started with affiliate marketing and trying to make affiliate marketing sales grab this valuable report on the “7 Hidden Principles Of Super Affiliate Marketing!”. Also visit my blog at for more tips and ideas on online Marketing.

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