Continuous Growth of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing or Performance Marketing has become a leader of online marketing. The digital eco system has seen incredible changes in technologies, networking, advertisers and affiliates; all have advanced at such a high speed that online marketing have touched. According to renowned marketing firm, “affiliate marketing industry to grow to $ 6.8 Billion over next five years. Maturation of Affiliate Marketing creates significant opportunity to drive sales for Advertisers and Revenue to Publishers”.

Necessity of Performance Marketing Application in Affiliate Marketing

To run a successful affiliate marketing, affiliate solution provider is always required. It helps to track all affiliates activities. More specifically it automates crucial processes — such as tracking, reporting, conversions, and payment of affiliates.

Top 14 Features You Should Consider While Running a Campaign
Affiliate marketing is one of the profitable methods to make money online. It plays a pivotal role in fostering growth. Here are top 14 features which you should consider

1)Multiple Tracking URL

Affiliate tracking link is the core of an offer, which is used to redirect traffic to the offer landing page. Normally offers will have more than one landing page where advertisers want to send traffic to. But now instead of creating a new offer for each landing page, advertisers can add Multiple Tracking URLs to the offer. Each URL can permit the affiliate to assign in which URL they want to send traffic to.

2)Advertiser Referral Redirect URL

Advertiser Referral Redirect URL also known as Masked URL. It is a third party URL which allows advertiser to gather information in a third party application. So when user will click on the campaign of the tracking link, first it will redirect to Masked URL and then to the Landing page URL.

3)Different Types Creatives

Creatives are an integral part of any offer. To run a successful campaign Creatives are always playing a crucial part. Different types of Creatives like Image Banner, Flash Banner, HTML Ad, Text Link and Email creative always make offer attractive and help to boost traffic.

4)Custom Variables

Custom variables are used to pre-populate the fills of the form on the landing page. Pre-populate means the field has been automatically filled in. Through custom variables advertisers can specify which variables can be passed through to the offer URL and advertisers can append these values to their tracking links through custom variables field, because of that values can be passed through quite conveniently.

5)Server Post Back

An advantage of Server to Server technology is accurateness. Post-back tracking is generally the best option for implementing highly accurate tracking solution. While post back URL is fired from the web server directly, that will help to reduce the potential of affiliate fraud. Server-to-Server tracking improves the overall trustworthiness of performance marketing.

6)Auto Generated Billing/Invoice

It is one of the unique features in SaaS based product. Ad-networks need not to be bothered about billing. It generates time to time accordingly. But after generating automatically it has to be shared manually and if any discrepancy is found then it can be audited. Invoice can be generated in following manner

i) Weekly
ii) Bimonthly
iii) Monthly
iv) Two Months
v) Quarterly

7) Alert

The vast amount of relevant activities in the network come with the alert system that will automatically inform to advertisers and affiliates through the bell notifications as well as an email notifications. Each advertiser and affiliate can view the most current notifications on their panel. Advertisers and affiliates receive notifications for different events in the application, like when an offer reaches the percentage threshold of its daily or monthly cap is near being reached, when excessive clicks happen, when changes are made to an account, or when offers are near expiration. Therefore, alerts really play a crucial role in affiliate marketing.

8)Real Time Report

Robust reporting tool playing a vital role while running a campaign. The different types of report always help you to understand better your online business.

Different types of Report
a)Advertiser Report.
b)Affiliate Ledger Report.
c)Impression Report
d)Click Report
e)Conversion Report
f)Affiliate Payment Report
g)Affiliate Outstanding Report and so on.

9)Email Notifications

Robust Email Notifications system will inform you or your affiliates when explicit actions are made in the network. Such as Advertiser user activated, Affiliate user active.

10) Mail Room

Mail room is a mass emailing system. You can send text email or HTML email to advertisers and affiliates within the network.

11) Suppression List

A Suppression list is a list containing list of email addresses who do not want to receive your broadcasts.

12) Embedded E-commerce Solution

By using different types of exhaustive parameters ad-networks or advertisers get more flexibility for tracking. It generates more affiliates, more traffic, more sales, more payout and more profit. It provides Flexible Payout Rules which help to create proper affiliate payout.

13) Voucher Code

Voucher code is an alphanumeric code, consisting of letters or numbers that consumers can enter into a promotional box on a site’s shopping cart page to obtain a discount on their purchase. Advertisers can distribute voucher codes to their customers via their affiliate users.

14) Multiple Currencies

Multi currency functionality allows ad networks to support tracking and pay outs in multiple currencies. This robust multi currency support has been embedded in the system quite merely.

Final Thoughts

A SaaS based performance marketing application also known as Adwalnut builds on Google App Engine provides all the aforesaid features quite conveniently. If you want to enhance your sales by blending affiliate tracking system on your online business that you have, Adwalnut a SaaS based application will provide you with efficient and trustworthy affiliate solution provider that will help you to scrutinize your affiliate activities in an easy way. For more details please visit
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